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In this era of LPG, i.e Liberalisation, Privatisation & Globalisation, India has emerged into a leading economic power. The nation has responded to the knock of the time by transcending all cross border economic barriers and thereby providing an appropriate forum for the growth of domestic as well as foreign entities.

Orissa, a State situated in the eastern peninsula of the country, with vast mineral resources, abundance of raw materials, comfortable power situations and sufficient skilled manpower, has come up with a growth friendly industrial environment facilitating foreign investments. As a result large number of MNCs as well as leading domestic companies have already made their mark in the state.

As law cannot remain behind development, the legal profession must rise to the occasion to ensure that the mandates of law should become a facilitator and not an impediment to growth.

We at “GOALS” endeavours a time bound, need based qualitative legal consultancy services to multifaceted corporate requirements.

In this vibrant array of business enterprises our dedicated professionals shall aid, assist and advice in conceptualizing, forming and developing an ordered and organised corporate culture.

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