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We also assist our clients with routine legal matters in their day-to-day administration of the business, mostly in terms of several corporate compliances under the Companies Act, 1956.

Ongoing Services

A. Secretarial work
i. Preparing and maintaining the notices and minutes of Board Meetings and General Meetings;
ii. Updating and maintaining the statutory registers;
iii. Updating and maintaining Board and General Meetings attendance registers;

B. Liasoning with the Registrar of Companies, Reserve Bank of India, etc.
i. Preparing and filing of Returns and reports as necessary with the Reserve Bank of India.
ii. Preparing and filing of returns and reports as necessary with the Registrar of Companies and other statutory authorities.

C. Drafting / vetting of documents / agreements and rendering legal opinions/ reviews
i. Drafting/vetting various legal documents and commercial agreements/contracts, as and when the occasion arises;
ii. Advising and rendering legal opinions on various issues including corporate compliances, intellectual property issues and employee related matters as and when the occasion arises.

Miscellaneous Services

The deliverables under the miscellaneous services would comprise of preparation and filing of monthly and annual returns of sales tax and monthly, quarterly and annual returns under STP Scheme and we may also be able to deliver broadly the following services:

i. Maintenance of Accounts and data entry into the legacy system based on primary documents like bills, invoices, etc.
ii. Generation of Regular monthly MIS - Financial Statements, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet.
iii. Monthly Reconciliation – Banks.
iv. Interaction with third parties – Banks, Statutory Auditors and Statutory authorities.
v. Maintenance of Fixed Asset Register including details of depreciation.
vi. Preparation and filing of monthly and annual returns with Sales tax authorities within due dates.
vii. Compliance with the requirements of Income tax Act relating to Withholding Tax and filing of Annual Returns.
viii. Preparation of year-end accounts and keeping the books ready for audit and other periodical inspections.
ix. Guidance to staff of the Company on any accounting matters.
x. Assist in Audit preparation and completion of Audit.

Further, all other related legal and tax assignments in India can be suitably undertaken.

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