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Corporate Criminality is a developing area in criminal and civil law in the world to day. Due to advanced developments that are rapidly taking place in various fields of telecommunications, information technology, science, industry relating to the national and international or multinational-business, the frontiers of law enforcement and administration of justice are also vastly expanding to meet the challenges. The offences committed by the corporate called as economic offences in India.

We advice corporates on Criminal Law. We represent them before all Criminal Courts. We have been acting for our Corporate Clients in a wide range of cases viz.
1. Offences against person and property
2. Offences relating to Customs and Excise
3. Offences relating to Foreign Exchange
4. Offences under Merchant Shipping Act & Maritime Zone of India Act
5. Offences under Companies Act, 1956
6. Offences arising out Dishonour of Cheques
7. Matters relating to evasion of Tax
8. Corruption and Bribery of Public Servants
9. Offences relating to Intellectual Property Rights
10. Offences relating to Cyber law

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